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Bonus Christmas Drabble 2 - Garden

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For maryjane221b

“We never have adventures anymore,” wails Lucky. “We are old and boring.”

“You’re seven,” says Arthur.

“Can we sleep in the garden?”


“Why not?” counters Lucky.

“Your daughter wants to have an adventure and sleep in the garden,” Arthur tells Eames.

“We should,” says Eames. “We could catch up on the butterfly gossip.”

“Yay!” exclaims Lucky.

“Butterfly gossip?” says Arthur.

“Oh, yes. If you stay quiet and still, petal, the butterflies will whisper in your ear.”

“What do they say? Stupid British double entendres?”

“No, brilliant ones,” replies Eames. “Come along, poppet, let’s gather supplies for our garden outing.”


That's it for the drabbles. No matter which holiday you're celebrating this month--or none at all--I wish you an incredibly joyous and peaceful time.
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On February 23rd, 2017 04:45 am (UTC), earlgreytea68 commented:
Arthur had a blast in the garden that night, but he would have had a blast anywhere with Lucky and Eames. :-)
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